Sunday, September 5, 2010


So, I've got a THEORY. There is constant complaints because words over words like 'slutty' and 'bitchy' and 'asshole' by people who aren't ashamed of doing what caused them to get that label. (Don't worry my THEORY won't take long.) If you're okay with doing whatever it took for that label, then why can't that label be a compliment? When I'm called a bitch, I thank the person. I call them a flatterer. It definately confuses them, which is just a nice added benefit, but it's also gotten to where my sisters call me a bitch in an affectionate tone. Slut just gets a roll of my eyes, cause it's so not true, but if it was I'd just deadpan the person. "So?" And if you aren't a slut, or don't consider yourself a slut, then why do you care if people call you that? I was in a bar once (out of the once or twice a year I get to go to bars) and there was this guy there who infered that I'm a drunk. K got all up in arms, and I was like 'Leave it alone. What do I care what some guy in a bar thinks about me? We both know I'm not a drunk. If he called me a people purple eater, I wouldn't be one of those either.' Or as I tell the kids, being called a poopy head doesn't make them a poopy head so ignore the person who's calling them that. (It doesn't work for them, either.) Anyway, that's just my POV on slang terms.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Movie Night

It occurred to me I should write every Friday, cause that's when we have movie night, and so I'm up late (and usually bored) every Friday. See, if the kids are good during the week (relatively) and go to bed without giving us a crapload of problems we let them stay up until midnight on Friday watching movies, and they get to sleep in the living room. They love it, but it also means I'm stuck staying up until they go to sleep. And those darn people on lit, who have lives, won't stay online to amuse me, so I'm normally stuck looking for something to do.

So, I should write, I really should. Will I? I guess only time will tell. I hesitate to make a goal, promise, or resolution - they don't work for me. We'll just have to wait and see.

So I've been TOTALLY coveting the new Kresley Cole book. I've read all of her paranormal stuff, and she's awesome. (Her other stuff was pretty common - Scottish laird meets English miss kind of stuff. Yawn.) I accidentally stumbled on A Hunger Like No Other, and it was AWESOME. So then I went and read the first of that series . . . I think it's called The Warlord Wants Forever, but I wouldn't swear to it. It's from an anthology, so it's a shorter novel, but still a good book and really steamy. Anyone into D/s will enjoy that one. I'm a bit apprehensive about her new one, though, cause a lot of the characters have been kidnapped by this guy and he's torturing Regin, and and and I like my smut to be a bit lighthearted. Honestly, that's why I started reading smut, I get so attached to the characters in books I read and it really upsets me if they die are are seriously hurt or the like. Granted, Regin has a berserker that reincarnates every 500 years who will, very likely, find her.

Oh good lord. I'm talking about the characters like they're alive. Next thing you know I'll be like one of the D&D geeks who struggle to separate reality from the game. Except I'll be talking about Immortals After Dark.

Anyway, I finally got the last year on Lit cataloged in the BDSM Library. I still have SEVERAL years to go, and I'm a bit annoyed. Honestly, if they'd made me the librarian all those years ago, I wouldn't have so much flippin' work to do to catch up. Oh, well. It gives me something to do when I need mind numbing and easy combined to help me zone out. I went through about five pages, today. When I'm done getting all the threads, I'm going to go through the posts and find someway (probably an asterisk) to mark the really informative threads. Then, I'll make sure all the topics have some websites to do further research on. I still want to do a FAQ thread, but that's gonna wait until I'm done with what I'm doing. Plus, I need to go through the Misc. thread and see if there's any threads that are common enough to give them their own thread. I also REALLY need to catch up on the BDSM book club thread cataloging. I don't want to fall behind on that, just because I'm busy with the library.

Ok, the monsters are asleep, and I can go ni ni. G'night y'all. (Why am I talking like anyone reads my blog? Why not, I guess.) :p

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm such a dork

I'm not even gonna promise to get in the habit of writing regularly. We all know it's not gonna happen. I'm so pathetic. LOL I've literally been thinking about how I should get online, post on my blog, etc. Yeah, took me a week of thinking that to actually DO it. *sigh*

Anyway, once again just felt the need to write. I'm not sure why I felt the need to write, I just did. Or is it I felt the need to type? I was reading some older posts, and that's quite often what brings me here. I just love typing, it's so soothing. Tonight, though, I think I felt the urge to write. But what?

Things that make you go hm.

Now I have that song stuck in my head. Darnit. Twinkle twinkle little star . . . not working. The itsy bitsy . . . shit. I spend too much time with kids. I'M A BITCH I'M A LOVER I'M A CHILD I'M A MOTHER!
Yay! That's working! Where's a dancing banana when you need one?

Ok, so another thing that confuses me. I don't remember writing about a Seraphina (the name still has to go). I guess that shows how interested in the story line I was. In the story of captured, I've pretty much hit a dead end. I'm considering an accident or something for the characters of A New Acquisition, something that would put whathisname at whatshernames mercy. Like a highwayman shooting, or something. Their relationship needs to grow, or the story will only be about sex. Not that people will object to that, but I'm bored of it. I mean how many times and ways can they do it before I start repeating what they're doing?

How about out of nothing.

Soon. She sits and waits. Nope. Sounds like that Tanya Tucker song, Soon. And now I have that stuck in my head. "Soon, I'll be free to be with you." *sigh*


On this day, this beautiful day, she would be forever different. How that would come about, she wasn't sure, but on this she was determined. No more early nights, no more early mornings. No more boredom, goddammit. It was time to move on with life, to do what she wanted to do with no fear of what people would think; and by people she meant her mother. Eve's thoughts briefly went to her mother, recently buried, but even her lingering grief couldn't overshadow the anticipation running through her veins.

As the day went along, doubt began to creep. No, today was a day like any other. She went to work, she did her work. There was no one new, there was nothing different. Same routine, same bullshit, same scenery. Nonetheless, the hope lingered in her breast, giving light to what would be otherwise a dreary, rain day.

Plodding home, after work, she contemplated the feeling she woke up with. If something special wasn't going to happen, maybe she should go looking for it. Maybe, somewhere, something new was waiting for her, some adventure never seen! Something! There had to be something!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Random Rambling

I will get in the habit of writing routinely, I will, I will. :p Took the kids to school today, B forgot her shoes at M's, so we had to stop and get them. Then, of course, she had trouble getting them on. *sigh* Kids.

I should have gone and finished my Medusa, but I was cold, and wanted to go home. So I got home, fixed that darn fuse (it blew a 25!), and got the heater in the car working, at least temporarily. I wish I knew why it keeps blowing fuses.

Worked on that story that I'm going to be co-writing with Jen. It needs one more edit, then I'll put it up, and we can get started. I'm writing a dominant, evil woman, so we'll see how this goes. I don't generally write dominant women or submissive men well, but it might just be what I need for growing. Plus, if I can do this, than maybe I can write that side story to the Santa Claus Story.

I don't know what it is that is so soothing to me about typing. Sometimes writing does this for me, but usually it's typing. It's just very relaxing to clear my mind and let my fingers fly.

Once upon a time there was a pretty, young lady named Sarah. She lived in a house in the country with her aunt and uncle. They were very happy together, for Sarah couldn't remember a time that she'd lived anywhere else. At nights they would sit around the table, eat, and make each other laugh. There was one thorn in the side of their happiness and that was the huge, dark forest that bordered their property. You'd think that a forest would be a boon, what with the wildlife and food and firewood that was abundant in such a place, but it belonged to the terrible Lord Gavin.

Not that he'd ever done anything horrible to them, but they'd all heard the stories about Lord Gavin and the horrible things he'd done. No one had ever seen Lord Gavin, either, but everyone had heard about the terrible scar that crossed his face. Everyone knew he'd never done anything good or kind or just in his whole, long life, and so everyone stayed away from his property; they did not want to draw his attention their way.

So when one day Sarah was weeding the garden and a young man stepped out of the forest, she gaped like a fool. No one had ever walked in the forest and lived to tell the tale, and now a handsome, young man was stepping out, as casual as can be. For a moment Sarah doubted her eyes, but then she blinked and he was still there. Charmingly, he smiled at her and sauntered her way.

"Hello, lass, I'm Lord Gavin." Sarah's eyes got wider, unbelievable though that may be, but her breeding came through, and she dropped an appropriate curtsy. "Is you father about?" Lord Gavin asked. Mutely Sarah nodded, and turned to lead him into their cottage.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Ok, so I feel the need to write, but I can’t really come up with a story line. I considered working on one of my existing stories, but they all seem boring and blah to me. Blah, blah, blah. I was working on that take of the persephone and hades story, but that crashed along with K's computer and I'm too lazy to start over. So frustrating!!! Anyway, sometimes it's just the process of typing that's soothing to me, so I'm sitting here, typing. Maybe something will come to me. I got a paragraph written about a girl named Serephina being watched, but that's all I could think of. Sounds like a possible vampire story, but we'll see. Either way, the name will have to go, I think. Serephina is the name of the cat in that Barbie movie the girls like so much . . . The princes and the pauper? I think? Oh well, moot point. I should be doing homework, I need to finish reading that paper that I have to answer questions on, but I just can't concentrate. I was going to sleep, but the kids are in the living room and they had the creeps, so I'm waiting for them to crash. Besides, my glasses are in my room, and I have to sit pretty close to the computer to see it. Actually, I'm sitting here with my eyes closed. I type better when I'm not looking, anyway. Plus, I like to show off to myself what a good typist I am. :D:D

Anyway, I guess I could brainstorm the Sera story. I'm afraid to make it a vamp story, because I'm afraid it will end up too much like the story of Adrik and Arina (drawing a blank on the name of the story right now - Captured?) That doesn't mean I couldn't make it about some other 'paranormal' person. Like a wolf or something like that. I've also been thinking about writing a story about a really beautiful girl and a man who's unhappy about her being so beautiful, because she draws stares and he's really possessive. But, we'll see. Any other paranormal creatures? I've noticed an increase in interest about 'demons'. Of course they're more fictional than realistic, since real demons are not at all erotic. What was that story I was thinking of? Something to do with the child of a demon/human relationship . . . oh well. My brain holds thoughts like a sive holds water. *sigh* So, we're back to Sera.

Hm. Demon, vamp, were-something or the other. . . what else? Um, there's the misc 'gods' of history. Thor, Zeus (yuck, what a womanizer), Hades (hubba hubba). Selkie, unicorns, basilisk, dragon, serpents, Pegasus, nephalem, shape shifters, the dude with the oxen head . . . nothings jumping out at me. Fae? Witches/warlock/sorcerers? Hm, there's an idea. A dark witch . . hm. Maybe.

Oh, well. The kids are crashed and I'm cold and tired. I'll keep puzzling in bed. G'night.